The Errant Rocks (Bledne Skaly)

Exactly on the Czech-Polish border (852 meters above sea level) lies a small rock town made in the upper block sandstones at the west side of the table plateau Skalniak.

On the area of 21 hectares is situated a labyrinth full of gulches of a 6-11 meters depth. They can be found in the stately rock blocks of which lower parts are bulged inside. Footpath runs just along the most interesting rock shapes with the names such as Kuchnia (the Kitchen), Stolowy Glaz, Okret (Boat), Kasa (Cash desk), Dwunozny Grzyb (Double-Legged Mushroom) or Kurza Stopka (Chicken´s Foot).

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Take the route E67 towards Kudowa-Zdroj. Take the exit to Karlow in Kudowa-Zdroj. There are 2 parkings: the lower one is placed between Karlow and Kudowa-Zdroj, the upper one is just at the entrance. Its charged access road is open just once an hour.


The entrance to the rocks is 50 minutes by walking from the lower parking. In winter and at the beginning of spring is a rock labyrinth badly accessible due to a big glaciation. The entrance is charged during the tourist season. Footpath goes through very narrow slots sometimes!

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The Errant Rocks

The Errant Rocks

The Errant Rocks