The Hruboskalsko Rock Town

The Hruboskalsko Rock Town is situated 5 km southwest from Turnov in the Bohemian Paradise.

Hruboskalské sandstones are 120 meters strong and forms plateau with altitude 380 meters above sea level. Plateau breaks down at the edges and creates typical rock town. Dozens of the rock towers are more then 90 meters high. Glens and gulches at the edge of the plateau creates romatnic nooks. In one of them is for example grotto called the Adams Bed.

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Take the road 35 from Jicin towards Turnov. Take an exit either to Hruba Skala, Pelesany or Sedmihorky. Parking is at Hruba Skala Castle, Valdstejn Castle or Sedmihorky.


A lot of footpaths leads through the rock town. There is even an educational one. Its lenght is 7,5 km and it takes about 3-4 hours to go through.

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