The Ostas

Isolated table mountain is situated 5 km northwest from Police nad Metuji.

This mountain is edged with steep rock shapes of 40 m high. The plateau is 500 x 400 meters wide and its altitude is 700 meters above sea level. There is a small rock town called the Upper Labyrinth on the east side of this plateau. You can find here rock formations such as the Armiger, Bears, Barrow of Death and Frog. The mountain is divided into 2 parts by the Policky shift. Lower area - the Lower Labyrinth (called the Cat´s Rocks) is about 100 m lower than the upper part. One part of this rock town is 30 meters long crack called the Grotto Of The Czech Brothers.

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Take road 303 from Police nad Metuji towards Broumov. Turn off to a hill just before Pekov.


It is accessible through the whole year. The blue footpath goes to upper labyrinth and is 3,5 km long. The green footpath goes to lower labyrinth.

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The Ostas

The Ostas

The Ostas