The Prachov Rocks

The most popular sandstone rock town in the Bohemian Paradise is situated about 10 km northwest from Jicin.

Heavily segmented plateau was created of sandstones sediments, marlites and arenaceous marls during the Mesozoic era. The compact plateau that consists mainly of Cretaceous had been intersected by little volcanic bodies. This actually caused the fracture of former compact plateau. Today´s formations such as rock blocks, towers and pillars have been formed by the water and wind activity. Rock formations are almost 40 meters high.

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Take the road 16 from Jicin towards Mlada Boleslav. Take the direction to Holin, pass Holin and keep driving to Prachov. Parking is either right in Prachov or just next to the Tourist hut.


There is a very dense network of footpath within the whole rock town. For example: You can follow the yellow marked footpath, which starts at the Tourist hut. It passes the Viewpoint of Peace and the Viewpoint of Bohemian Paradise. Then it goes back through the Imperial Corridor. It´s about 1 hour walk. There is also green marked footpath which is more difficult. It goes by more viewpoints and it leads to some remoted parts of the rock town. It is 3,5 km long.

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