Szczeliniec Wielki (The Fissured Rocks)

Szczeliniec Wielki is a typical table mountain surrounded from all sides by sheer rock sides.

Years of weathering have sculpted some wonderful rock formations here. The formations are named according to the shapes they resemble like the The Brood-hen, The Mammoth, The Camel and The Elephant.

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Take the route E67 towards Kudowa-Zdroj. Take the exit to Karlow in Kudowa-Zdroj. Parking is under the table mountain at Karlow.


665 stairs leads to the top of the Szczeliniec Wielki. In winter and at the beginning of spring is a rock labyrinth on the top badly accessible due to a big glaciation. The entrance is charged during the tourist season.

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Szczeliniec Wielki